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Do You Constantly Think about Food?


  • Are you tired of starting new diets that you can’t stick to?

  • Do you feel completely out of control around your favorite foods?

  • Has your body image held you back from reaching your full potential?

  • Are you exhausted from constantly thinking about food? Whether it’s the new diet you’re going to start or the guilt from your latest food binge.


You’ve been in this place for a while, but it’s no longer feeling comfortable. Everyone you know is talking about their weight and body image, whether it’s wanting to “tone up” for their upcoming vacation or they want to lose those stingy last five pounds. Dieting is hard, but the deep desire to change the way your body looks is even harder. You’ve tried everything. The teas, the cleanses, Whole 30, Keto, Weight Watchers, and eating clean to name a few. Maybe you’ve had some progress and results, just to be derailed by the birthday cake at your best friend’s birthday party. One taste and you felt absolutely out of control, so you gave up the diet entirely, only to find yourself bingeing on every food you’ve ever cut out of your diet.


Maybe you’ve thrown your hands up and given up “dieting” once and for all, and instead focus on making lifestyle changes. Then you find yourself scrutinizing every ingredient on your food labels. You feel confused by all of the different messages you’ve received about food and your health. It’s become overwhelming and it feels like your next bite of food will either cause you to gain 5 pounds or lead to disease. It’s exhausting trying to “out exercise” your latest food binge from the weekend. Have you had enough?  


You’re Not Alone in the Fight Against Food


You’ve seen all of the “inspirational” before and after pictures on your Instagram feed and the fitness models that make a “healthy lifestyle” look effortless. You’re feeling like a failure. Why can’t I just stick to a diet? Why is it so hard for me to eat clean? You’re not alone in this negative self-talk and endless cycle of disordered eating. In fact, the prevalence of eating disorders has doubled from 2000-2018. Diet culture has become so mainstream and accepted, that most everyone you know has had some issue with their body image, wanted or attempted to diet, or wishes they could change their diet to some degree. Even more so, we’ve all heard our friends and family talk about food guilt they experience. “Uggh I ate so bad today, I had the pizza at our office lunch meeting.”


The pervasiveness of diet culture is so deeply engrained and normalized, many of us don’t even realize we have disordered eating patterns. If you’ve finally gotten fed up (pun intended) with food and how it is controlling your life, I have good news. With the help of therapy or coaching, you can finally break free of your food rules, binges, over exercising, and general sense of anxiety around food. You can begin to focus on what is important to you and feel at ease with your food choices and make peace with food.

An Intuitive Eating Counselor Can Help You Make Change


As an Intuitive Eating Counselor and psychotherapist, I have had extensive training and education on helping individuals, just like you, reach their goals in their personal journey towards body acceptance and freedom from disordered eating. Intuitive Eating is a program designed to help people heal their relationship with food. Created by two registered dietitians, Intuitive Eating has quickly become known as one of the leading methods to help people recover from issues like binge eating, anorexia, bulimia and other disordered eating patterns. I utilize this approach in our work because of the extensive research on the benefits it can provide to you, both mentally and physically.


I am a Health At Every Size aligned therapist and coach. My approach allows individuals to heal from the toxic effects of diet culture in order to develop a healthy body image and relationship with food. I will help you to learn how your current mindset surrounding food is holding you back from enjoying your life. You’ll learn to eat according to your body’s wants and needs, rather than forcing yourself to eat based on points, calories, and meal plans. The bingeing you’ve fought for so long will finally lose its grip. You’ll learn to embrace all food groups into your diet – including your favorite desserts and foods that have been “off limits” in the past.


Working with me will provide you with guidance and evidence-based approaches that will help you achieve your goals. We’ll meet regularly for one-on-one sessions where you’ll learn and implement the intuitive eating principles, so you can finally quit your fixation on food. Our work together will provide structure, accountability, and support. You don’t have to do this alone. You’ll gain insight and clarity on your current behaviors so you can finally see the change you’ve been hoping to see. You’ll learn to cope with your emotions with kindness, rather than food.


It is important that you can feel comfortable with whoever you chose to work with, because I know how difficult and vulnerable this process can feel. This is your unique journey. You need a professional that realizes you work at your own speed and comfort level. This is a remarkable method to help you heal. With the right person by your side, your results will be life-changing.


Lindsey, This Sounds Great but….

I have tried every diet out there and none of them have worked long-term.


Intuitive Eating is the original anti-diet approach. It focuses on mindful and intuitive eating rather than a structured plan that tells you when and how to eat. This program ditches “food rules” and is not designed to be a diet for weight loss. This approach is proven to be more effective than traditional weight-loss methods to maintain weight. It focuses on your relationship with food, rather than diet-culture ideals of what you should eat.


How can I eat whatever I want and still be healthy? I feel like I would always eat “bad food.”


This can be really confusing to hear, when we’ve received messages most of our lives about healthy lifestyles and nutrition as a part of overall health. However, diet culture misses the point that healthy eating means having a positive relationship with food, regardless if it’s been labeled “good” or “bad” food. Food is food and is not inherently bad or good. Our food choices should not result in guilt or shame, but should rather create a space for listening to our body’s needs and learning how to fulfill those in a balanced way. When you give yourself permission to eat anything, and no foods are off limits, it removes the allure and feeling of being out of control around these foods. You’ll begin to notice that you gravitate towards foods that make your body and mind feel good.


But I don’t diet, I just eat clean and live a healthy lifestyle!


You’re wondering, what’s wrong with trying to eat healthy? Nothing. However, what starts as a desire to change your eating habits in the name of health can cross over into an obsession or create a really unhealthy relationship with food. Only allowing yourself to eat foods deemed “healthy” or eliminating different food groups and nutrients from your diet can lead to malnutrition and nutrient deficiencies. It can create disordered thinking around food and begin to impact your daily life and mental health. This fear of “unhealthy” foods can start to control your life and your wellbeing. Intuitive Eating allows you to trust your body to make decisions about food that are both healthy and balanced, so that you can enjoy food and still be healthy.

You Can Be Free of Your Food Issues


I know it can be scary to start your journey towards becoming a mindful and intuitive eater. However, you’ve realized what you’ve been doing is no longer serving you. You’re tired restricting and bingeing but wonder if therapy or coaching will actually help. If you have questions or concerns I would be more than happy to assist you. I also offer free initial consultations so we can see if we’ll be a good fit working together.

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