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Online Therapy in Texas and Kentucky 

Are you ready to ditch the diet mentality and find food freedom? Online therapy for disordered eating, anxiety, and depression.

Friends and family tell you that "everyone has problems."


But you’ve started to feel so stressed and overwhelmed, you start to wonder if you’re losing yourself, or you may feel that you have no control over your own life. Maybe you’re in a toxic relationship and you’re wondering how to navigate the confusion and sadness you feel, or maybe you’re wanting to break free from an unhealthy relationship with food you’ve been battling for years. I am here to help you discover the version of yourself you never thought you could achieve.

Are you ready to take your life back and feel free? Let's make it happen!

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I'm Lindsey,

I am an online therapist with a passion for helping others overcome personal obstacles to improve their lives and relationships through online counseling. I believe in using therapeutic approaches that are as unique as each individual client. I specialize in working with individuals dealing with disordered eating, anxiety, depression and relationship issues. No matter what you’re facing at this point in your life, we can work together to help you be where you want to be!

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The first step is to simply schedule a free initial consultation. We will discuss in more depth what the process of therapy is like, and you will have the opportunity to meet me, to see if you feel that we would make a good team.

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When we begin to work together you’ll discover more about yourself. and how you envision your life. We’ll be able to collaborate and create a plan to help you reach your personal goals and feel more in control of your life.

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By taking this journey with me, you’ll begin to reach your goals and feel free of the negative relationships, behavior patterns, or difficult emotions you have been experiencing. You will gain insight so you can thrive.

The Process

Let's Chat!

Are you on the fence about therapy? Let's meet and see if we're a good fit.

A free 15 minute consultation is available for clients to get a chance to meet me, ask questions about therapy, discuss their concerns, and get a sense of what online therapy is all about.

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